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Brittany Jones

LMSW, Partner

Pronouns: She/They

Welcome, I am Brittany but Britt feels more comfortable for me and hopefully for you as well (however I answer to both 🙂)

I am not big on labels however I am licensed in clinical social work and have worked in youth, family, and adult programs. I identify with being a warm, welcoming, and free-spirited individual whose passions surround accompanying those looking to engage in deep reflection of self and life experiences in a way that allows us to uncover truths that we may have felt stifled from sharing in/to the world.

My style of therapy includes a person-centered, humanistic, and strengths-based approach in our therapeutic collaboration. I understand that you are the expert of you, and you have known yourself in a way that spans longer than many, most, or others, so my invitation to you is for us to walk together as we explore, process, and dig into the higher self that resides in us all.

Healing for me involves a multifaceted approach that includes self-awareness, the right to feel safe, and the ability to connect with those who support our cocoon experience with nurturing, patience, and the nudge that we all may benefit from at times of great change.

Currently NOT accepting new clients

Brittany Jones
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