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Imani ya Kupinga

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ee-MAH-nee | ya | Coo-Pin-GAH

Consulting, Social Work Supervision and Therapy Services 

IYK provides a safe environment, filled with equality, hope, and drive, to better the mental health of our collective community. We are so glad you’re here, all are safe and welcome.

Our Story

Imani ya Kupinga is a Swahili phrase that means Faith in Resistance. Our name represents the values of our practice and the wisdom of intergenerational connection and liberation. Our name was chosen by our founder, Danielle Flint, LMSW. Faith was her mother's name and Imani is her daughter's name. “My values honor the women in my life and my ancestors,” Danielle explains, “this work is what I do to honor me, my mother, and my daughter.” 


We understand the clinical work offered by IYK is work that resists injustice and oppression through personal and community healing. Our team has a deep commitment to healing and community care. “If we don’t see a more just world in our generation, the following generations will see it in the future because of our work. The same way that our ancestors did that for us.” 


We are Imani ya Kupinga, and we have Faith in Resistance.

Picture of Danielle Flint, IYK Founder

Danielle Flint, LMSW, Founder

Danielle founded IYK in 2021 to build justice within the community, by supporting individuals to discover the power inside of them. The power that they don’t see. The power that oppression has convinced us doesn’t even exist.


In 2022, we gained our first intern, and in 2023 IYK grew by adding additional clinicians to grow our impact.


Develop skills and programs for equality and inclusion to support organizational growth.

Social Work Supervision

Culturally responsive, trauma-informed, compassionate, and committed supervision with a focus on self-care, social justice, and nonprofit community leadership.


Individualized mental health support, specializing in trauma healing.

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